About Us

Our main mission at Mohh is to revive as many ancient arts and crafts of India as possible and get inspired by them to create unique and wearable products for the modern woman.

Our many travels across India have been one of the main sources of inspiration for our products. From the Partazi Meena from Varanasi to the Filigree wirework from Bengal and Binni (braiding of precious metal) from Orissa, we have successfully managed to incorporate as much of the unique Indian styles in our products.

In our many soujorns, we have been not only inspired by the traditional crafts of India, but also the efforts of simple people around the entire country creating beautiful pieces of art as a way to earn their daily food. From the unappreciated work of potters who use their bare hands to mold lumps of clay into beautiful works of art to the effortlessness of village women working on the seemingly complicated loom, we have been inspired by the little things we see on our trips. Simplistic things such as the rich colors in the threads that weave into each other to create the long sheets of pure silk and the motifs that we see, which tell us a story through every stitch and their design are a reminder of how inspiration came come from the smallest of places.

We believe in skills and stories and simplicity and art of India. And because we believe in this, we have dedicated the last 17 years in the revival of authentic manufacturing techniques, weaves, embroideries and craftsmanship. We have created and sold exquisite jewellery, bags and apparel all over India. Today we look back with pride at our entire network of skilled artisans and dedicated workshops that passionately and painstakingly brings to life extraordinary creations with a distinct Indian flavour.

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Your visit at Mohh is guaranteed to give you one-of-a-kind products at the best price.

*All our products are designed and manufactured in our own karkhanas with artisans who have been with us for 17 years.

All our silver jewellery is stamped with 92.5% purity.

All our bags and apparel are made from 100% woven textiles.








The team of Mohh is made up of a dedicated team of women headed by a passionate leader with over 25 years of experience in product design and execution. They are a close-knit family and continually travel to many places around India, in search of inspiration. Their desire to showcase the old arts of India has led to the birth of Mohh. They work hard to give you one-of-a-kind works of art, at the best prices; now these products are just a click away.